2018 Sept

PolarDryTM Receives Vogel Award for Product Innovation

  • Cameron Parchment, Spraying Systems Co. East Coast Facility
  • PolarDry, Electrostatic, Spray Dry, Award

luid Air again proves inexorable in its quest to shape the future. It is with immense pride that we report our PolarDryTM line of electrostatic spray dryers as a winner of the Innovation Award at the Pharmaceutical Industry Awards Ceremony! Hosted by Pharma-Tec China to mark the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its founding, the two-day event took place in Jinan, capital city of China’s Shandong Province. Running concurrent with the celebration was the 10th Annual Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum, which showcased innovative technologies and products in the pharmaceutical industry of 2018.

Founded in 1996, Vogel Industry Media is a joint-venture company, and one of the world’s top 500 media publishers. Now, VogelChina possesses multiple marketing correspondence brands, including Pharma-Tec China, whose goal is to promote and rebrand the technological advancements of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

Candidates for the Innovation Award were selected based on criteria that includes Innovation, Best-Selling, Impact, and Classic. These factors pertain to whether the product is based on advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, if it will be widely-used once available, the role it plays in promoting and upgrading China’s pharmaceutical industry, and if the product continues to be loved by users from its initial launch to the present day.

PolarDryTM effortlessly embodies the two I’s - Innovation & Impact - in this equation, first by utilizing the groundbreaking electrostatic technology its name is rapidly becoming synonymous with, and secondly, by reshaping the current situation of high pollution in China through the product line’s ability to recycle its process gas which eradicates issues with negligible emissions. Furthermore, it’s an inevitability that PolarDryTM will be a best-selling classic; how could it not, when the complete product-line is scalable from R&D to production-sized models? This assertion isn’t arrogance, merely a position of circumspect confidence, as The Cooler Technology was one of the twelve recipients to receive the Innovation Award.

In the end, amidst pharmaceutical pioneers and endeavoring engineers, Fluid Air reminded peers and rivals alike that it continues to change the game and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

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