Ultrasonic fluid bed system

Precise, Uniform Spray for Complex Coating Applications

The Model 0002 fluid bed system for R&D applications is now available with integrated ultrasonic spray technology for superior performance in fluid bed coating, granulation, drying, and spray drying.

Ultrasonic atomization creates a fine mist of extremely small droplets capable of coating small granules or even powders in a fluid bed process. Unique Spraying Systems Co. technology enables the ultrasonic nozzle to operate in the higher temperatures of a fluid bed system while conveying the coating material in an upward direction towards the fluidized product.

The ultrasonic system delivers consistently-sized droplets across a wide flow range from 500 uL/min to 10 mL/min. The lack of high pressure atomizing air eliminates disturbances to fluidization that can occur with air-atomized nozzles.

Blueprint for Success

The numbers don’t lie. These are the hard-sought answers to equations for precision lances, capacious volume bowls, and even the very range of a droplet size.



Perfecting Your Process

Ultrasonic Technology

Fluid Air fluid bed systems are designed to maintain critical scale-up factors from one unit to the next. Starting with our Model 50 to our largest available units, each system operates with nearly identical bed depths, air velocities, and air ratios (quantity of air per cubic foot of product), greatly simplifying the scale up of product from one unit to the next.

Faster Granulation

The conical shape of the expansion chamber reduces the velocity of the air in the filter chamber by 50%. The reduction in velocity helps to keep the smaller or fine particles out of the upper filter region and below the spray nozzles when granulating. A secondary benefit is a reduction in the total height of the expansion chamber.

The Reverberating Revolution

A new method which centers around a technology that uses high frequency vibrations instead of compressed air to produce uniform droplets. The size of the droplets being produced is determined by the vibration frequency inside the spray device, and the process is intended for coating particles smaller than 100 microns; this makes it optimal for vaporization and humidification.

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