Fluid Air MAGNAFLO® fluid bed dryer with GRANUMILL® size reduction mill, & PHARMX® high-shear granulator

Testing Services

Fluid Air has used its over three decades of experience in the Oral Solid Dosage market developing testing services capable of pilot and proof of concept studies. Let us show you how to make the most of your manufacturing process, or let us help you develop a feasible process for the manufacturing of new products. We are able to demonstrate our full range of powder processing technologies, including: particle size reduction, drying, top spray granulation, Wurster coating, high shear granulation, dry blending, and our new PolarDry® electrostatic spray drying.

Fluid Air has the expertise to turn testing results into a flexible, efficient powder manufacturing process. Our goal is to produce the right product that will out-perform what is currently available on the market and provide years of reliable powder processing.