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Four Ways to Update Your Fluid Bed System (Without Replacing It!)

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Everyone wants their equipment to look, feel, and run like it did when it was brand new, but years of operation and wear can take their toll on a system’s effectiveness. Constant advancements in processing technology and new federal regulations combined with everyday wear-and-tear can really make your formerly “state-of-the-art” piece of equipment feel like an antique– but purchasing a new system is expensive, and not always practical. Here are just a few of the ways that Fluid Air can revitalize your existing equipment, often at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.


Add new functionality

Add new optional features, like humidification, solvent recovery, filtration and material handling systems to simplify your process and increase efficiency.


Equipment conversion

Fluid Air can convert your fluid bed dryer into a fluid bed dryer/granulator or Wurster coater, turning your machine into a multi-purpose processor and eliminating the need for a second system!


Upgrade your process control software

Upgrading to the newest version of our recipe-driven Batch ArchitectTM process control software is a popular option. Batch Architect is compatible with all batch-type equipment including fluid beds, mixers, tablet coating pans, pellet-making process trains and liquid delivery systems. Batch Architect is easy-to-use and available in basic and professional (21 CFR Part 11 capable) versions.


Replace your spray nozzles

Even the best spray nozzles need to replaced after they start to wear from repeated use. Spraying Systems Co.® offers a full line of nozzles that are ideal for fluid bed coating, granulation, and spray drying applications.

For further information on Upgrade and Retrofit services, click here.

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