Agriculture and Other Industries

Agriculture and Other Industries

Do you manufacture bacteria, enzymes, and other heat-sensitive powders for agricultural or other uses? PolarDry® is a unique electrostatic technology that dries powders at moderate temperatures versus the extremes of conventional spray drying and freeze drying. You can avoid the longer batch processing of freeze drying and reduce yield and viability loss caused by high temperature drying.

Common Challenges

Test and Refine Active Ingredient or Product

Working to validate or refine a formula? Our labs provide us with the ability to test and prove processes using PolarDry. This can bring you greater success, months faster and with less risk.

Develop a Production Process Pilot

Ready to move from bench-scale processing to pilot production? Using the right PolarDry model and tapping our experience can help you achieve a successful pilot production process.

Scale Up a Production Process

Time to produce at scale? We can help you develop a business case for your innovation and help you equip and set up full-scale production at your plant.

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