Powder Processes for Battery Energy Storage

Powder Processes for Battery Energy Storage

Need processing equipment for engineered particle morphology? Fluid Air and its parent company, Spraying Systems, have extensive capabilities in building processing equipment — including advanced electrostatic spray drying. You can leverage our capabilities for most battery chemistries.

Common Challenges

Proof of Concept Testing and Evaluation

Working to validate or refine a material or mix? Our labs provide us with the ability to test and prove processes. This can bring you greater success, months faster and with less risk.

Develop a Production Scale-up Process from Lab to Pilot

Ready to move from bench-scale processing to pilot production? Using the right equipment and tapping our expertise can help you achieve a successful pilot production process.

Develop and Build a Production Process

Time to produce in quantity? We can help you develop a business case for your innovation and help you equip and set up full-scale production at your plant.

polardry electrostatic spray dryer

PolarDry® Electrostatic Drying

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Active material surface coating
  • Experienced engineering support
  • Faster processing to match supply with demand
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