Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

Need a solution to improve the production capacity of pharmaceuticals and biologics without sacrificing yield in large-scale production? PolarDry® electrostatic drying revolutionizes the production of oligonucleotide and peptide therapeutics and pharmaceuticals. Avoid the inherent limitations of traditional drying processes like freeze drying / lyophilization and conventional spray drying that limit production with PolarDry®.

Common Challenges

Test and Refine Active Ingredient or Product

Working to validate or refine a formula? Our labs provide us with the ability to test and prove processes using PolarDry. This can bring you greater success, months faster and with less risk.

Develop a Production Process Pilot

Ready to move from bench-scale processing to pilot production? Using the right PolarDry model and tapping our experience can help you achieve a successful pilot production process.

Scale Up a Production Process

Time to produce at scale? We can help you develop a business case for your innovation and help you equip and set up full-scale production at your plant.

PolarDry® electrostatic drying technology offers a solution to improve the production capacity of pharmaceuticals and biologics without sacrificing yield in large-scale production. Electrostatic drying enables continuous and faster drying at moderate temperatures with high yields and produces powders with desired powder properties while maintaining the purity of active components when compared to freeze drying and convention spray drying. PolarDry® eliminates drying at extremely low temperatures and post processing of powders during freeze-drying and also avoids the drastic loss of yield caused by the loss of purity and activity of active components caused by high temperature used in conventional spray drying.


  • Peptides and proteins
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Cell and gene therapy products
  • Inhalables and injectables
  • Thermosensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Small molecules
  • Microbiome therapeutics
polardry electrostatic spray dryer

PolarDry® Electrostatic Drying

Process benefits

  • Low operating temperature allows for efficient drying of heat-sensitive materials
  • Gentler drying for thermosensitive materials
  • Faster processing to match supply with demand
  • Modular design to fit into your continuous manufacturing or batch production line
  • Save processing time by eliminating evaporation and concentration steps
  • Available for both aqueous and solvent applications

  • Nitrogen-inerted

  • Complete product line is scalable, from R&D to production-size models

  • Contained, robust processing

  • Inner liner in production scale models makes for easy clean-up/changeover

  • Process products with low glass transition temperature (Tg)

  • Recirculation of drying gases in production-scale models

  • Substantially shorter process time than lyophilization and eliminates post processing for particle size modification

Product Benefits:

  • Superior morphology

  • No oxidation

  • Superior flowability

  • Lower heat degradation of molecules/components

  • Lower retention of harmful solvents in final dried powder

  • Lower drying temperatures prevents reactions and formation of impurities

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