Food, Ingredients, and Supplements

Food, Ingredients, and Supplements

Do you manufacture powdered food, ingredients, or supplements? PolarDry® electrostatic drying revolutionizes the production of high value, temperature-sensitive, and oxygen-sensitive powders such as ingredients, flavors, essential oils, vitamins, dairy, and probiotics. We help you overcome the inherent cost and production limitations of conventional spray drying and freeze drying / lyophilization for better preservation of proteins, active components, oils, and probiotic bacteria.

Common Challenges

Test and Refine Active Ingredient or Product

Working to validate or refine a formula? Our labs provide us with the ability to test and prove processes using PolarDry. This can bring you greater success, months faster and with less risk.

Develop a Production Process Pilot

Ready to move from bench-scale processing to pilot production? Using the right PolarDry model and tapping our experience can help you achieve a successful pilot production process.

Scale Up a Production Process

Time to produce at scale? We can help you develop a business case for your innovation and help you equip and set up full-scale production at your plant.

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