Impact and screening mill

Single-System Impact and Screening Mills

Any time you need to create a powder—for cosmetics, agricultural products, specialty chemicals, food ingredients, or therapeutic products—GRANUMILL® particle size reduction systems give you the flexibility to run a variety of processes on a single, cost-effective system.

GRANUMILL systems meet FDA SUPAC guidelines for impact and screening mills, so you can perform low-RPM screening of agglomerates as well as high-speed impact milling. Fluid Air mills' versatile design, combined with a removable containment option, supports a wide range of mechanical milling and granulating applications.



Laboratory-scale units provide effective size reduction or de-agglomeration for small batches.


Granumill 007

Midsized systems offer a range of options for larger batches intended for clinical trial or small-scale production.


Image of Granumill 014 for large scale systems

Large scale milling systems can accommodate very large, production-level batches.


Advanced Size Reduction Solutions

Custom Miling Results

Choose from interchangeable rotor styles, each designed to ensure that all particles impact the blade on an area traveling at a constant tip speed. Unlike segmented rotor designs that impact particles at varying tip speeds, the GRANUMILL design leads to tighter particle size distribution.

Designed-In Protection

Welded grates at the inlet and outlet keep hands out, and limit switches and locks prevent the mill from running, or the cover from being opened, while spinning or unprotected. Dynamic braking stops the mill instantly in an emergency. In addition, water jackets remove heat from the milling chamber to prevent thermal damage.

Dust-Free Operation

Designed for dust-free milling, Fluid Air products prevent the infiltration of air on the inlet side with all sealed connections at all feed points, which keeps dust particles from becoming airborne. What's more, all discharge connections are sealed, and specially designed, FDA-approved filters and containment systems separate particles from the airstream before venting.

Image of flexible containment enclosures for Granumills

Flexible Containment Enclosures

In cooperation with ILC Dover, Fluid Air has developed a custom, flexible containment enclosure for GRANUMILL Jr. particle size reduction systems. This setup can be used in containment and noncontainment applications, eliminating the need to purchase a second machine for containment use.

GRANUMILL milling rotor options

Robust Rotor Design Options

The robust GRANUMILL rotor is available in three shapes, each designed to endure even the most challenging applications and ensure that impact and tip speed remain constant. The rotor shape, combined with the system housing geometry, allow you to achieve better results at lower speeds—reducing fines, noise, heat, and dust.

  • Flat-bade rotors are designed for impacting and shattering particles
  • Round-blade rotors provide a gentler impact, ideal for delumping
  • Knife-blade rotors are preferred for shearing, dividing, or cutting particles
Quick release housing for Granumill systems

Easy-Clean, Quick-Release Housings

GRANUMILL systems are equipped with quick-release clamps, so product contact parts can be completely broken down in minutes. Components can then be soaked in a detergent solution and cleaned in significantly less time than required by other mills.

customize particle size reduction systems

Customize to Support Your Products

A variety of thoughtful options are available:

  • Water jacketed top and sides
  • Screw feeder
  • Wash-in-place capability
  • Explosion-proof and nitrogen inerting options
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