Fluid Air long- and medium-view of MAGNAFLO® fluid bed dryers

Complete Process Control

Optimized Drying, Coating & Granulation

Fluid Air fluid beds are the industry leader in air moving technology using the highest pressure, highest flow process blowers. High pressure blowers assure even the heaviest material have proper lift to fluidize and process efficiently. Variable frequency drive assure the exact amount of horsepower is delivered to the system for perfect airflow. Design flexibility ensures peak performance for fluid bed dryers, granulators, and coaters. Whether you need solid dosage technology for R&D, pilot or production applications, Fluid Air can help.

Our MAGNACOATER® Wurster coaters are the most robust with features that include, even air distribution, adjustable bed plate design, nozzle screens, tapered partitions, in-process adjustable partitions, self-clearing and removable nozzles, perimeter air enhancement, superior spray nozzle design, self-monitoring liquid delivery systems, and an Ultrasonic nozzle option. MAGNAFLO® fluid bed dryer/granulators and MAGNACOATER® Wurster coaters are completely customizable fluid bed systems designed to provide superior performance for a range of solid dosage processing applications.

Product Line

Model 0002 - Model 0010

Fluid Air MAGNAFLO® Model 0002 laboratory-scale unit

Laboratory-scale units provide effective drying, coating or granulation for small batches. Ultrasonic option available.

Model 0020 - Model 0120

Fluid Air MAGNAFLO® Model 0020 mid-sized fluid bed drying & processing equipment

Mid-sized systems offer a wide range of options for processing larger batches intended for clinical trial or small-scale production.

Model 0300 - Model 1200

Fluid Air MAGNAFLO® Model 0800 large-scale fluid bed dryer

Large scale fluid bed systems for processing of very large batches (up to 1200 Liters).

*Standard construction of these bowls may allow for extra drying/granulating/coating capacity depending on the product. Contact factory for details.

Perfecting Your Process

Simplify Your Scale-up

Fluid Air fluid bed systems are designed to maintain critical scale-up factors from one unit to the next. Starting with our Model 50, to our largest available units, each system operates with nearly identical bed depths, air velocities, and air ratios (quantity of air per cubic foot of product), greatly simplifying the scale up of product from one unit to the next.

Faster Granulation

The conical shape of the expansion chamber reduces the velocity of the air in the filter chamber by 50%. The reduction in velocity helps to keep the smaller or fine particles out of the upper filter region and below the spray nozzles when granulating. A secondary benefit is a reduction in the total height of the expansion chamber.


Fluid Air’s industry first pre-packaged factory built inlet and exhaust systems greatly reduce on-site construction costs. Systems come in a modular format so that the entire system can be quickly set in place and quickly brought into service.

Fluid Air MAGNAFLO® interior with agitator for even fluidization and material drying

Agitator System

Fluid Air’s robust bottom agitator rake design has stood the test of time. Effectively agitating the fluidized lower bed to assure even fluidization and even material drying. Combine a Fluid Air GRANUMILL® wet mill with the agitator for the most effective drying possible with minimal post processing.

Fluid Air top-spray technology liquid delivery system in action at right on black background

Spray/Liquid-Delivery System

Fluid Air’s efficient top spray granulation arrangement assures even bed coverage with no side wall wetting. In granulation systems with more than one spray nozzle, the nozzles are mounted in a “chandelier” pattern that spaces the nozzles out and points them straight down at the bed. Each nozzle has its own pump to ensure consistent and identical flow to all of the spray nozzles, ensuring higher operating efficiency and more uniform coverage of the fluidized bed.

Fluid Air close-up MAGNAFLO® heavy gauge stainless steel spiraflo bed plate

Spiraflo Bed Plate

The spiraflo bed plate provides uniform distribution of the air across the bed plate eliminating channeling and non-uniform fluidization patterns. The plate is constructed of a sturdy, heavy gauge stainless steel to resist fraying and breakage, allowing a variety of tools to be used in product removal and cleanup.

Fluid Air white full-length filter bag with automatic pulse cleaning filter cartridges

Process Filtration

Fluid Air’s full length filter bags provide the highest air to cloth ratio in the industry with the benefit of preventing side wall build up during drying and granulating processes for higher batch yields. With the choice of standard filter bags, cartridges, or a combination of cartridges within a filter, you can customize your filter system for your application. Each option features our patented pulse filter cleaning technology.

One-Piece Bag The one-piece filter bag system extends from the bottom of the expansion chamber to the top, and can be shaken to remove any material. The filter protects the stainless steel chamber walls from product exposure, preventing product accumulation, lowering operating temperatures and reducing clean-up time.

Cartridges Cartridge filters are installed in the upper portion of the expansion chamber. The cartridges are automatically pulsed clean, permitting continuous fluidization of the material.

Bag/Cartridge Combination The one-piece bag/cartridge filter system combines the benefits of both filter systems.

Fluid Air MAGNAFLO® plate close-up with Conidur screen


The system consists of a Turboflo or Conidur screen in the outer or down-bed portion of the plate. The inner or up-bed portion of the plate is a drop-in assembly comprised of two plates riding one on top of the other that function as an adjustable shutter. The shutter can be adjusted to proportion the amount of air going up through the inner and outer sections of the plate.

With this system a multitude of products can be processed with one distributor plate system.

Fluid Air MAGNAFLO® multi-partition air balancing system close-up

Flared Partitions

The multi-partition air balancing system, located prior to the distributor plate assembly, balances the air flow going to each coating zone ensuring uniform fluidization in multi-partition systems.

The flared bottom partition has a standard upper diameter and a larger or flared bottom diameter. The larger bottom diameter means the product, once inside the partition, has further to travel before it reaches the spray nozzle. The longer travel distance ensures that the product is fluidized before it reaches the spray nozzle permitting operation at higher spray rates.

Fluid Air service tech working on an upgrade for Wurster coating process (close-up)

Customize Your System

Available Options

  • Vacuum Loading Valve
  • Side Discharge Valve
  • Chamber Gravity Feed
  • Wash-in-Place Cleaning
  • Bottom Discharge
  • Roto Granulation
  • Modular System

Watch the System Work!

Basic Fluid Bed Operation

This animation outlines the basics of our Fluid Air fluid bed operation.

Model 0002 Fluid Bed System

Fluid Air's Model 0002 fluid bed system features easy-to-use Batch Architect process control software, a tapered expansion chamber for precision control of process air, a slide-out tilting bowl for effortless product loading and unloading, and Spraying Systems Co. nozzles for superior granulation and Wurster coating results.

Good Vibrations

The basic concept in Wurster coating is to separate the particles in the fluid bed from one another in a stream of air or gas, whereas top spray coating is less precise but an affordable alternative. Drying of the particles occurs when their moisture is transferred through a gas as they are separated. A new method which centers around a technology that uses high frequency vibrations instead of compressed air to produce uniform droplets.

Fluid Air Wurster coating spray nozzle in action close-up with black background

Wurster Coating