pharmx high-shear granulator

Efficient Mixing and Granulation

PHARMX® high-shear granulators are fully customizable bottom-driven mixing systems engineered to provide homogeneous mixing and efficient granulation. Equipped with an in-bowl, bottom-driven mixing impeller and side-mounted chopper, the PHARMX ensures uniform mixing across a range of R&D, pilot, and production size models.


PharmX PX1

Laboratory-scale units provide effective high-shear granulation for small batches.

PX25 - PX100

PharmX PX25 - PX100

Mid-sized systems offer a wide range of options for processing larger batches intended for clinical trial or small-scale production.

PX150 - PX1250

PharmX PX150 - PX1250

Large scale systems for granulating very large batches (up to 1250 Liters).


Maximize Your Batch

Uniform Mixing

The dome shaped lid permits product to perform a complete roll over as it moves up the side of the vessel wall. This ensures efficient mixing even when running at larger operating capacities.

Constant Tip Speed

One of the single most important factors in high shear granulation scale up is tip speed of the impeller and chopper tools. Along with tool and bowl geometry, each PHARMX bowl is designed to maintain a constant maximum tip speed across the entire line of models. Each tool has infinitely adjustable tool speed so that scale up from lab to pilot to production is predictable.

Safely Process Hazardous Compounds

For processing potent compounds requiring total containment, we are able to provide customized interchangeable bowls. The bowls can be removed from the console and placed in a glove box/flexible containment structure without any dusting of product from the bowl. Charging and discharging from the mixer bowl is completely contained.

Hydraulic Drive system technology

Hydraulic Drive System

The hydraulic drive system permits full torque down to ¼ RPM, providing plenty of break-out torque at slow speeds for additional mixing after inspection and continuous discharging to wet milling systems.

Fluid Air Process Dome

Operation Up to 90% Full

The bowl geometry has been optimized to permit loading up to 90% full unlike other mixers that max out at 66-75% full. The dome shaped lid permits the material to perform a complete roll over ensuring efficient mixing even when running at larger operating capacities - maximizing your capital investment.

Mixer Cleaning Technology

Auto-Cleaning & Seal Purging Systems

The cleaning of the mixer is executed by running a cleaning recipe that flushes/drains the seal purge system and cleans the bowl, tools and discharge. Combined with liftable tool system, the cleaning of the mixer is greatly simplified.

The multi-stage seal purging system permits operating at low and high seal flows. This helps prevent dusting when loading and allows setting of the flow to match product characteristics.

PharmX Options

Customize Your System

Available Options

  • Vacuum Loading Valve
  • Interchangeable Bowls
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Nitrogen Inerting
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • One-Pot Processing

Magnificent Mix-Master

High-shear granulation is an effective way to turn powders into tiny, dense particles for tableting or coating. To create the particles, powders are added and sealed inside of a mixing bowl, and a large rotating device spins the powder into a low-speed vortex. Liquid is then added to the product after blending using either a pump or pressurized vessel. A high-speed chopper tool located in the bowl shears the granules and removes air. The mixing continues until the desired particle size-to-density ratio is realized.

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