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Testing Expectations: Introducing the PolarDry® Model 0.1

Improve your spray drying capabilities with the new Model 0.1

PolarDry Model 0.1


Dec 18

In the age of leading-edge technology and dataflow, size and speed are the criteria on which innovation is measured and interest is cultivated. The global-process community understands this completely. Its leaders & scientists often need to put their products through its paces in a potential vendor’s test lab, and sometimes even purchase the trial system as a result. But not everyone can afford the luxury of investing time in huge pieces of machinery solely for trial runs, only to discover the process and results they get isn’t what they desired. Fortunately, a recent development from Fluid Air, the minds behind the electrostatic spray dryer can help neutralize such complications. So, it is with tremendous pride that we announce our newest product line just became smaller and even more portable with the patented PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryer, Model 0.1.  

One of the defining features of the PolarDry® Model 0.1 is the sheer diminutive size. Compact, this new champion of spray drying cuts down on the scope of its parent models but retains the same features, making it a force to be reckoned with; for example, it boasts the cGMP design that stands as a testament to the level of operational consistency and controlled agglomeration the entire product line represents. On top of this, the PolarDry® Model 0.1 can be easily disassembled for autoclave sterilization. The greatest aspect of this system is the opportunity it affords vendors: by producing small-scale samples with minimum product loss, the Model 0.1 allows for greater feasibility testing of expensive materials. The smaller dimensions allow the Model 0.1 to fit inside spaces such as most lab fume or containment hoods, where noxious solvents, potent APIs and oxygen sensitive materials can be safely tested. As a result, research of new products will be more efficient and cost-effective before committing to full-scale testing, making the Model 0.1 the top contender.

What then, one might ask, makes the PolarDry® Model 0.1 different from any of the dozens of alternatives available? For starters, while other alternatives tend to keep the varying process components as separate but attachable fixtures, our paragon of spray drying is an “All-In-One” system. Additionally, operation of the Model 0.1 will help mitigate maintenance and installation costs. Secondly, unlike same-sized competitor systems, our machine’s Batch ArchitectTM PLC controls come equipped with a data-logging feature the rest can only dream about. Furthermore, the Model 0.1 is compatible with optional high temperature & Ultrasonic spray drying nozzles that ensures overall superior microencapsulation; the ultrasonic nozzle is particularly suited for creating small particles less than 10 microns, and formulators still have the choice to use the Model 0.1 as a standard spray dryer with two fluid nozzles. Other benefits include zero need for an atomizing heat (nitrogen acts as both Drying & Atomizing gas) and low volatility loss.   

And there you have it, the long-awaited debut of this tabletop titan of spray drying. This newest innovation of the modern-day era will help scientists, with access to its groundbreaking technology, advance the development of new formulations in their mission to cure serious and life threatening diseases.