magnalift bin and bowl elevator

Elevate, Invert, & Blend

Fluid Air provides superior movement of material in and out of the fluid bed for batch processing. MAGNALIFT bin and bowl elevators elevate, invert, or rotate to blend fluid bed bowls or bins for sanitary discharge into a tablet press, drum, or other process equipment. With options ranging from height, material use, movement, and more, each MAGNALIFT is fully customized to meet your specific process needs.


Image of Magnalift Elevator

Lift Drums, Container, Totes, Bins, and Tanks to a workable height without inverting for convenient discharge of contents.


Image of Magnalift Tipper

Provide the portable lift power necessary to tip forward large pivoting bowls to discharge the contents out of the bottom side discharge port. Using hydraulic power any load can be easily lifted and held in position during discharge.


Magnalift Blender

With the addition of a blending container the MAGNALIFT may be converted to an oscillation bin blender for the addition of colors and lubricants to the final product. Timed blending cycles assure uniform and repeatable blending.


The Safer Way to Lift

Efficient Production

MAGNALIFT bowl inverters are typically used in suites that have two processing bowls. Two processing bowls allows the operator to use the MAGNALIFT to discharge the contents of the bowl into other bins or equipment for post processing while the other bowl is processing in the fluid bed.

Safe and Reliable

The MAGNALIFT bowl is the safest bowl available. Redundant hydraulic cylinders are sized so that if one were to fail, the other could fully hold the load. Hydraulic rotary actuator with counter balance valve assure the bowl can be rotated to any position. Hydraulic systems assures no failure or movement of the load in the event of a power failure. Heavy duty construction assures years of continuous reliable service. All actuators, bearings, rollers, cylinders, are oversized.

Sanitary/Wash-down Design

MAGNALIFT is designed for GMP environments with all components made of stainless steel with sanitary finishes on lifting elements, cones, and post. The post is covered with stainless steel shutters that prevent the infiltration of dust and water. The inside of the post may be washed down.

Magnalift offers a custom-designed support post

Versatile Supporting Post

The Fluid Air MAGNALIFT is custom designed to meet each customer's unique facility and lift/inverting/blending application. The supporting lifting post can be adjusted to meet support requirements of varying ceiling heights, and in many instances the post can be free standings. Posts can be provided as fixed or with a bearing arrangement that allows for loading the load in one position then rotating over another area or piece of equipment. The heavy duty slewing bearing makes turning the MAGNALIFT post effortless and when required the swivel can be provided with brakes and a power drive. Adjustable limit switches allow for custom positioning and safe discharging.

MAGNALIFT offers a stainless steel construction with sanitary finishes

Stainless Steel Design

Most MAGNALIFTs are provided for installation in GMP environments with industrial versions available. Stainless steel construction of the post, cone, and lifting attachments with sanitary finishes is standard. Stainless steel sliding covers protect the post from infiltration of wash water into the post. Sanitary FDA compliant elastomer product contact seals are provided for dust free product transfer. Easy load clamping makes for safe, efficient, and reliable material transfer.

The Pendant Control System for MAGNALIFT products

Pendant Control System

MAGNALIFT controls are typically provided with a pendant control system that allows the operator to stand clear of the load and watch its travel. The controls can be custom configured for wall mounting or to interface with the controls of other equipment.

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The Safest, Most Robust Lifting Equipment in the Industry

Safety for these overhead lifting applications is a primary concern and Fluid Air provides the safest most robust lifting equipment in the industry. The use of oversized structural members, bearings, rollers, cylinders and actuators assure trouble-free operation. Redundant elements, safety brakes and the use of hydraulics prevent accidental shifting of the load in the event of a power failure.

Options for MAGNALIFT devices

Customize Your System

Available Options

  • Power post rotation
  • Non-swivel posts
  • Elevators only for lifting bins, containers, drums and totes
  • Auxiliary equipment mounts (milling machines, oscillators, etc.)
  • On board power units
  • Explosion proof designs
  • Custom controls integration
  • Bin Blending
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